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Internal Medicine


Complete Blood Count (CBC)

This blood test measures red and white blood cells and to find a range of conditions including anemia, infection, and leukemia.


Series of blood tests that evaluate the function of several critical organs and systems including the liver and kidneys.


This test is performed to evaluate thyroid function which controls metabolism and growth.

Digital Radiology (OFA certified)

X-ray imaging that provides an instant image that can be transferred and interpreted by doctors within the clinic.


Imaging test that creates an instant image of organs, tissues, and other structures in the body. 


This tests involves collecting a sample of urine that will be examined by appearance, concentration, and contents. This test can detect many disorders including urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and diabetes.


Examination of blood or tissues underneath a microscope. This can test is used to detect inflammation, infection, cancer and more.


Blood Pressure

Fluorescence Staining

Tonopen Eye Pressure

We provide Tonopen eye pressure tests to test for glaucoma

Schirmer Tear Testing

Allergy Testing

We test for allergies to help identify allergic triggers. We can then customize treatment to fit your pets specific needs.

Laboratory Services: Our full suite of IDEXX lab equipment allows us to perform many lab services in-house. Biochemical profiles, blood counts, urinalysis, cytology, hematocrit/total protein testing, heartworm testing, FeLV/FIV testing, parvovirus testing and intestinal parasite examinations are all services we can perform in our lab. All other laboratory diagnostics are sent to an outside lab and we receive results in 24-48 hours in most cases.