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Dental care is very important as a variety of injuries and ailments can affect an animal's teeth, gums, and oral cavity.


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Dental Problems 


Your pet may not rack up the cavities as easily as the human members of your family seem to do, but many other dental conditions can pose threats to his well-being.


  • Broken teeth - These injuries are not extremely painful for your pet, but can lead to infection of the tooth roots and abscesses of the jaw.
  • Bacteria in gum or tooth infections:
    • Bacteria can infiltrate your pet's mouth more gradually as they're attracted to tartar stuck on the teeth.
    • Travels to the vital organs, causing serious illness.
    • Sets off an inflammatory condition called periodontal disease - which can eventually result in lost teeth.
  • Oral cancer is yet another threat, one which can tragically go unnoticed until too late.

Preventative Care and Dental Treatments


Annual wellness and requested examinations help protect your pets health, allowing a veterinarian to perform visual inspections and suggest the best future dental care for your individual pets.


  • We can perform ultrasonic cleaning and polishing under anesthesia (to keep your pet calm and still) to keep your pets smile bright and healthy. Our deep-cleaning techniques can remove even the toughest tartar buildup.
  • We also can extract problem teeth and you can purchase products to maintain your pet's oral hygiene at home.
  • We can also prescribe painkilling, anti-inflammatory, or antibiotic medication as needed.

If your pet has been suffering from periodontal disease, your veterinarian at our clinic may also recommend tartar-control foods, a tooth-brushing routine, and other home-based dental hygiene practices.

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Dental Appointments


The AVMA recommends annual dental exams for pets as a minimum, with more frequent exams for pets struggling with particular conditions. So start your favorite animal on the journey toward a life of dental health -- call Georgesville Road Animal Hospital at (614) 272-0162 to schedule a dental exam and cleaning!