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Pet Surgery at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital in Columbus, OH


It's not uncommon for surgery to play a role in our lives, either as patients or as caretakers -- and that goes for the pets in our lives as well as the humans. When your beloved pet needs surgery, you want to know that that he's in expert, caring hands. You can obtain that peace of mind by entrusting your best friend to any veterinarian here at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital.

The Surgical Needs of Columbus, Ohio Pets

What kinds of problems typically call for surgery? Surgical intervention for Columbus, Ohio pets may range from routine preventative care to life-saving emergency procedures. For instance, spay and neuter surgery doesn't treat any condition; instead, it prevents pregnancy while also greatly reducing the risk of reproductive health problems. Removal of an abnormal lesion or mass for biopsy can determine whether the mass is malignant -- at which point we might recommend additional surgery as a treatment option. Dental surgery to extract a tooth may be done partly to protect other teeth from becoming infected; by contrast; oral cancer surgery could be a critical to a pet’s survival.

Some surgeries are intended relieve pain restore function while also relieving discomfort. Orthopedic surgeries are a good example. We may use surgery to replace a hip joint, reconstruct a damaged knee, set a fracture, or fuse joints made impossibly painful by degenerative conditions. Last but not least, emergency care can save your pet's life if he's plagued by bloat (twisting of digestive organs), a urinary system blockage, or a swallowed object that might damage him internally.

Skilled Anesthesia and Surgical Care From Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital will place your place under general anesthesia. This is a necessary step that is taken with great care, from choosing the right anesthetic substance and dosage level to monitoring vital signs throughout the surgery.

Once your pet is sufficiently awake to be brought home, we will prescribe specific medications to aid in his post-operative recovery, from antibiotics (to prevent infection at the incision site) to anti-inflammatory drugs. We will also provide you with instructions on how to care your recuperating pet, from changing bandages to watching for signs of possible complications. Our combined efforts will help ensure that your pet enjoys the quickest, easiest recovery possible.

Contact Our Animal Hospital to Learn More

Pet surgery might seem like a daunting prospect, but the right vet center can make all the difference, both for pets and for their concerned owners. Call Georgesville Road Animal Hospital at (614) 272-0162 to learn more about our surgical services, or schedule a procedure.