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Spay & Neuter Surgery at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital


Spay & neuter surgery doesn't always rank highly on the average pet owners to do-list in terms of urgency -- but it's more important than you might think. In addition to its power to prevent unwanted litters of baby animals, sexual sterilization can also protect your pet against a variety of significant health threats. You can obtain this invaluable form of preventative wellness care right here at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital in Columbus OH.

Why Your Pet Should be Spayed or Neutered

Puppies and kittens are an entertaining addition to any household, but there are limits to what most pet owners can handle. Each of these new arrivals must receive a lifetime of food, health care, and all the comforts of home to live a happy life. All too frequently, unexpected pregnancies result in many baby animals being turned over to animal shelters, which may also be ill-equipped to care for them and must destroy them instead. In this sense, sterilization aids in the support of the greater animal community.

Your pet also benefits directly from being spayed or neutered. The removal of the testicles (neutering), or of the ovaries and uterus (spaying), immediately eliminates the risk of deadly cancers that can afflict these organs. It also greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer, prostate disease, and other serious ailments. At the same time, the removal of the reproductive organs also removes mating urges. This means your pet won't be compelled to roam the streets or get into aggressive struggles with other animals, which could cause serious injury.

Preparations, Procedures, and Recovery

Your can have your pet spayed or neutered anytime from 8 weeks onward -- but the earlier, the better. Sterilizing your pet before sexual maturity generally provides the greatest health benefits. We'll perform a preliminary exam to check your pet's health and anesthesia tolerance. Neuter surgeries typically take only a few minutes; some spay surgeries can take up 90 minutes, especially if a mature patient is in heat. We may then provide your pet with a neck cone to prevent licking or biting at the incision. Your veterinarian will also prescribe any painkillers, antibiotics, and home care routine needed to help you pet enjoy a safe and speedy recovery.

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Any Columbus veterinarian on our skilled team will be happy to help your pet experience the many benefits of spay or neuter surgery. Call Georgesville Road Animal Hospital at (614) 272-0162 to schedule your pet's procedure. You'll be doing the right thing for your pet, for your household, and for animals everywhere!