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Our Staff





Hospital Administrator

Lindsey is from Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State in '09 with a B.S. in animal science. She began working in the veterinary field during 2006. Her specific interests are in practice management/business. When away from the clinic you can find her gardening, fly fishing, hiking, canoeing, bike riding, taking photos, or playing the dobro and drums. Lindsey also has several pets: Gibby, a Toy poodle, Spanky, a french bulldog, Minnie a very tiny Toy Poodle, a bunch of chickens, betta fish, pond fish, chickens and two horses.‚Äč



Veterinary Technicians




Jon is a registered veterinary technician (RVT) and also holds an associate of science degree. He has been a part of the field since 2003. His special interests are specifically working in surgery and anesthesia. Jon enjoys reading, working outside and spending extra time caring for stray cats in his neighborhood. Although he has no dogs, he does have several cats.





Stephanie is from Ashville and graduated from Bradford School in 2013 with an associates of applied science degree in veterinary technology. Stephanie has been at GRAH for almost 10 years and enjoys inventory management and laboratory procedures. Outside of the clinic she enjoys spending time outdoors with her fiancé and two daughters. She also has three cats named Trouble, Kevin & Gravy.





Kaitlyn is from Chillicothe, Ohio and knew from a very young age she would work with animals. She has been working in the veterinary field since 2018 and started as a vet assistant at just 18 years old while studying at Bradford School to become a registered veterinary technician. Kaitlyn took an internship with GRAH in 2020 that turned into a full job and has been working with us since! Within the veterinary field Kaitlyn has interests in dermatology and internal medicine and has passions of helping others through client education/communication and training others. Outside of the clinic she enjoys spending time at the gym, reading, and many other outdoor activities. At home Kaitlyn has a mastiff named Tyson who loves belly rubs, two cats named Emily and Binx, and has a guinea pig named Amelia.



Veterinary Assistants




Malia was born and raised in Grove City, Ohio and graduated from Grove City High School in 2014. She has been at Georgesville Road Animal Hospital for five years, and hopes to begin tech school soon. Outside of the practice she is interested in nutrition, physical fitness, and body conditioning. In her spare time you can find her dog training and competing, riding horses, or rescuing/fostering animals. Currently, she owns a dog (Havoc), three cats (Louie, Jack, Maple), and one quarter horse (Chloe).




Adriana is from Salvador, Brazil and has been living in the United States since 2016 and moved to Ohio from California. She attended the Universidade Federal da Bahia ‘12 and earned her board-certified veterinarian degree from Brazil (CRMV-BA). She has been working at GRAH since 2019 but began working in the field in 2012 working with small animals and for a short period with caprine and ovine. She has interests in small animals and animal behavior, specifically fearful/shy aggression show in dogs and is passionate about client education. She enjoys spending time outside in her garden and hiking with her dog and husband. She loves to dance, workout, arts and crafts, and watching soccer (Go Brazil!) At home she has an American staff mix rescue named Lila who has a heart shaped nose and loves cuddles.




Jade is from Findlay, Ohio and is currently attending The Ohio State University. She plans to graduate in 2023 with a B.S. in Zoology. Jade has been working as a veterinary assistant with GRAH since 2020. She has previous experience working at doggy daycares, caring for horses, and volunteering at swine farms. She is passionate about client education and has special interests in animal behavior and epidemiology. Outside of work Jade enjoys any outdoor activity, sewing, painting and spending time with family and friends. She has two kitties at home named Aspyn and Elle.




Mason is from Slidell, Louisiana and graduated from LSU in December of 2020 with a B.S. in Animal Sciences. Mason has been working in the veterinary field since 2018 starting as a kennel technician and has been working at GRAH as a veterinary assistant since 2020. He has interests in working with small animals and exotics within the veterinary field and enjoys exotic husbandry and swimming outside of work. At home he has a dog named potato and a leopard gecko named Cheeto. Mason has also recently become a new dad to two twin girls!




Kendra was born outside of Washington D.C. but grew up travelling all over the United States. She graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 2021 and is currently working on a Scrum Master Certification. Kendra has been working in the veterinary field for several years through undergraduate research, wildlife conservation, and service training and has been working for GRAH since 2021. She continues her education within the office by taking IDEXX laboratories online courses with a focus on how to properly maintain and operate laboratory machines. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening and reading.  At home she has an aquarium with an assortment of fish, snails and two turtles named Soup and Stew.




Shyanne is from Grove City and has been in the veterinary field since 2020. She graduated from Columbus State Community College in 2022 with an associate degree. She began her carrier with the GRAH team in 2020 as an intern and was offered a job and has been working with us ever since. She has interests in dog nutrition as she has many herself. With 6 dogs and 3 cats she spends most of her time outdoors. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and taking her dogs for walks.




Austynn is from Detroit, Michigan and is currently attending The Ohio State University with plans to graduate in 2023 with a B.S. in Animal Sciences and a minor in Spanish. Austynn has been working at GRAH since the beginning of 2022 and has experience volunteering and shadowing with other hospitals and working with equine. She is passionate about providing pet care in low income areas. Outside of work she is interested in trying new restaurants and binge-watching new TV shows. At home she has a pet named Easton who is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a brown heart on his nose.




Joel was born and raised in Needham, MA just outside of Boston and is currently attending the Ohio State University with plans to graduate in 2023 with a B.S. in Animal Sciences on a Pre-vet track. His family is currently living in Kentucky on a horse farm. Joel has been working at GRAH since 2021 but has been gaining experience within the veterinary field since 2018. He previously worked at Park Equine Hospital, the Kentucky Wildlife Center, and The Columbus Zoo. Within the veterinary field he is very interested in wildlife, exotics, and surgery. He is passionate about emergency and critical care of animals as well as client and patient education. Outside of class and work Joel is in many clubs including Majors and Minors acapella, OSU oval dogs, and CFAES peer mentors. He enjoys road trips, exploring nation parks, music and spending time with his new kitten Jasper.




Jenna is from Ashtabula County and is attending The Ohio State University with plans to graduate in 2023 with a B.S. in Animal Sciences. She is also attending the Veterinary Technology School at Columbus State College. She has been working at GRAH since the beginning of 2022. She has always enjoyed working with animals ever since she was a young age. Outside of work Jenna spends time with her friends and enjoys watching sports and travelling. She has a yellow Lab named Rocky and two chocolate labs named Maddie and Moose.




Trinity is from Columbus, Ohio and has been coming to GRAH for 15 years along with her family for their pets. Trinity Graduated from Franklin Heights High School in 2021 and began working at GRAH in 2022. She is passionate for caring for all animals and has interests not only in small breeds but reptile and pocket pets as well. She really enjoys art and enjoys painting and drawing in her free time. She likes shopping and recently began learning how to crochet. She currently has a beagle named Maple, four hedgehogs, a beta fish, tree frog, and leopard gecko named Peanut.




Corinne was born and raised in Maryland and moved to Columbus, Ohio in 2015. She graduated from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute with an associate Degree in Specialized Technology in 2003. Additionally, she is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and has been transitioning into healthcare over the last several years from culinary arts. She has experience working as a Patient Care Associate for Medical Surgery units and postpartum units for a few years each and is currently working as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in an outpatient clinic, focusing on women’s health. She began working with GRAH as a veterinary assistant in 2021. She has a love for dogs and interests in treatment, prevention, in-house lab work, and cytology. Outside of work she enjoys hallmark movies, watching sports with her son, and spending time outside with her two Goldendoodles Tucker James and Callie Ava.